Rulla Habiby

Artist Rulla Habiby

Rulla Habiby is a multi-media artist, abstract and figurative painter. Creator of Concrete Art, and expereienced with various clays. She is skilled in Graphic Design, is an Esthetician, Makeup Artist and notably a Former Department Manager for Cosmetics and Fragrance at Dillard's Department Store. Rulla has three adult children. She believes her greatest job was raising her children and watching them grow into the caring, intelligent and special people they are today.

She was born and raised in Haifa, Israel. After two years into her marriage, Rulla and her family moved to Nazareth where they lived for many years until moving to Knoxville, Tennessee in 2003.

Early in her years, Rulla showed a passion and talent for painting. Her paintings are characterized by bold and dramatic colors, combined into a fluid harmony.

Rulla believes she can paint her life onto the canvas. She can mix her own color. her own feelings, her own soul, in her own way. Her unique background brings together the East and the West into a dazzling blend.

She is a loving daughter, wife, mother, and Teta (grandmother). She loves good coffee on a bright, early morning.